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"Einsteinchen" Oral History Project - What is Einsteinchen?

It is a comprehensive oral history project that lets you record and share your family's story with us. When did you or your ancestors immigrate to the US? Were they from Germany or another German-speaking part of Europe? Does your family still have heirlooms or special traditions? Share these and other unique details about your family with us! Each testimonial helps document the larger story of the cultural traditions and contributions made by German-Americans. For more information and to start the Oral History Project please follow this link

CD/DVD cataloging program called NeoFinder (for Macs) or abeMeda (for Windows). Written by a developer from Langenhahn, Germany, this software is the simplest and cheapest digital asset management program on the market. The cost is $39.99 which is quite inexpensive for something this comprehensive and useful. Users are given the opportunity to download a fully functional version and use it in demo mode: - Mac version; - PC version.

It works easily and flawlessly by letting the user start the program, set some simple variables, insert a CD/DVD that you'd like to scan and catalog and ejects it to move on to another. After you finish cataloging your media, the database is then searchable, making this truly a great cataloging and search program.

Old German Professions, Occupations and Illnesses:

Lists of illnesses:

Currency translator - updated each day:

Symbols found in German church books for birth, death, marriage, etc.:

Letter writing samples:


Search Engines: and

To find websites of German towns, use "http://www.(name of town).de"

For example try:

German telephone book:

German food:

A link to towns in the Black Forest which tells town histories and geography, plus what church records are available for many small towns in that area:

If looking for a town in current Germany:

Confederation of the Rhine history (1806-1815):

Just for fun, coat-of-arms for German states and towns:

Fed. of East European Family History Soc.: with lots of links to other pages:

Regional research in German speaking countries:

German town/village locator (information returned by email):

World GenWeb:

Germany GenWeb Project:

Internet sources for German Genealogy:

German Embassy in Washington DC:

Map search with weather report:

Map search:

Check to see who is working on the same surnames:

Started out as a Hesse site but has expanded to other topics:

Looking for used books or a list of possible titles on a subject:

Dictionary which even pronounces it for you in phrases:

Dictionary similar to the one above:

Some interesting articles and links:

General genealogy site listings:

German food and gifts: 

Bible restoration: